Sparrow & Crowe on Fanboy Comics!

Guest contributor Kristine Chester gave Wormwood and Sparrow & Crowe a wonderful write-up in her column at Fanboy Comics this week!

Kristine writes:

Many compare it to the television series Twin Peaks or The X-Files for its use of both supernatural and mystery elements.  Wormwood lasted for three seasons and has deservedly earned a lot of praise for its storytelling, memorable characters, and snappy dialogue.

And also mentions our Kickstarter campaign, as well as our recent Fuzzy Typewriter discussion:

 If you’ve listened to the show and are helplessly hooked, as I am, you can donate to the Sparrow & Crowe Kickstarter here, which contains more information on donation prizes and the project.  And, if you’d like to learn more from the creators about WormwoodSparrow & Crowe, or the road to creating the comic, you can check out Fuzzy Typewriter’s special Sparrow & Crowe episode.

Thanks for the wonderful praise, Kristine!