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Sparrow & Crowe #5Sparrow & Crowe: The Demoniac of Los Angeles is now available for PRE-ORDER on Amazon.com! This volume contains the complete Sparrow & Crowe series, as well as a special never-before-seen epilogue designed specifically for this collection!

We’d love for you to order this book via your comic book store or local bookstore, but if you prefer to order books via Amazon, we would appreciate your pre-order!

Sparrow & Crowe #5

SPARROW & CROWE #5  is NOW available at ComiXology.com! In the epic conclusion to “The Demoniac of Los Angeles,” the truth is revealed as the final pieces of an ancient game fall into place.


SC_04_Cover_SmallSPARROW & CROWE #4  is NOW available at ComiXology.com! Get the penultimate chapter in the “Demoniac of Los Angeles” storyline, as Crowe attempts to save Amanda Marino from a demon that’s haunted him for years!


Sparrow & Crowe #3

SPARROW & CROWE #3  is NOW available at ComiXology.com! Get the third chapter in the “Demoniac of Los Angeles” storyline, as Crowe attempts to save Amanda Marino from a demon that’s haunted him for years!


Weird Romance: A Sparrow & Crowe AnthologyWEIRD ROMANCE: A SPARROW & CROWE ANTHOLOGY is available for purchase in the Amazon Marketplace. Eleven tales of enchantment, intimacy, and the occult!



WEIRD WINTER STORIES: A Sparrow & Crowe Yuletide Anthology

WEIRD WINTER STORIES: A SPARROW & CROWE YULETIDE ANTHOLOGY is available for purchase in the Amazon Marketplace. Proceeds for this volume benefit charity!



The Sparrow & Crowe Halloween SpecialThe SPARROW & CROWE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL is currently available on ComiXology.com. Four short comics tales, plus six pin-ups. For more details, click here.



Sparrow & Crowe #2

RETAILERS: If you missed out on Sparrow & Crowe #1-2, you can still purchase them directly from Hermes Press. Please send an email to [email protected], and Hermes will ship directly to you! Don’t be left behind on the comic book that Scott Snyder called “Dark and freshly twisted…”


READERS: Hermes Press is now offering direct shipping on issues of Sparrow & Crowe #1-2. Visit Hermes Press today to have the books delivered to you!

Hermes Press

If you would prefer to shop through a retail store, the Eisner-winning Los Angeles comics shop, Earth 2 Comics, is willing to ship comics anywhere! For friendly service — we highly recommend Earth-2. And as our local shop, you can also ask for a copy signed by us! Call them today, or click on the link below for an auto-generated email query!

Earth 2 Comics


Earth 2 Comics
15017 Ventura Boulevard  Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Tel: (818) 386-9590 | Send Email for Details.

Locate a comic book store near you with the Comic Shop Locator! Make sure you contact your local shop today to make sure they’ll reserve your copy!

6 thoughts on “Where to Buy

  1. I there any place in Portland OR where they sell your comix books? I am not familiar with you but saw you mentioned on C. Wess Daniels f.b. If he likes – I want to taste of your work..
    p.s. – I’m a 72 yr. old reader of mysteries and lover of Jesus. What you are doing look so great – can’t wait.

  2. Hi Toni — Thanks for checking in with us! We’ll check with Jared, our Portland-based artist! We’re SURE there are stores carrying the book, but we’re not sure exactly of the names/addresses!

  3. Hi Toni,

    Several stores in Portland are carrying Sparrow and Crowe: Bridge City, Floating World, Things From Another World, Excaliber, Cosmic Monkey and possibly more…

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  5. Are any of these comics still in print??? and if so can they get shipped to Europe???

    I finally finished that Wormwood podcast today and I love the way it ended…. Well apart from the fact the podcast is now over ????

  6. I adored your podcast. Thank you so much for bringing this story to life. It was magnificent. I realize that was a long time ago for you and I see you created a prequel of comic books telling a whole new story of Sparrow and Crowe.

    I cannot read well due to damage to my optical nerve in an accident. Is there anyway to find this comic book series in audio? I am certainly willing to purchase such a gift or if it can be found on LiverBox or any other audio platrform. I think the Wormwood podcast was my favorite of all time. Bravo.

    I don’t even know if you monitor this website anymore but I’m keeping my fingers crossed, burning sage and rubing my crystals (and a few prayers) that there is some audio format somewhere that I can enjoy being enveloped in your new stories of Sparrow and Crowe/Wormwood/ComicBooks. Please let med know

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