Sparrow & Crowe #4 now available on

We’ve lapsed a bit in our updates. If you’re happening to check in on our site, you’ll be pleased to see that, as promised, Issues 3-4 of Sparrow & Crowe are now available on as digital exclusives. Our pre-orders for our print run were not strong enough to continue to publish the series as individual issues—our compromise with Hermes Press was to release issues 3-5 in digital-only formats for our die-hard fans, and then focus on a printed GRAPHIC NOVEL for the collection.

Our goal is to have the collection out in the summer of 2014. We’re actually wrapping up the art and lettering on the final issue as we type this — with a late April or early May release date on

So, stay tuned! We’ll post a lot more as we get get closer to the finale and the collected edition!