Want to read the Sparrow & Crowe Graphic Novel?

Sparrow & Crowe in Diamond PREVIEWS

Sparrow & Crowe in the Diamond PREVIEWS catalog.

Here’s the deal, folks. Right now, as we speak, amazing comic book stores all over the world are using something called the Diamond PREVIEWS catalog to decide what books they will stock on their shelves this AUGUST. One of the choices is the Sparrow & Crowe graphic novel. The book has been solicited, but this is NO guarantee that we can afford to print the book. Our publication is dependent upon the orders that comic book stores (and bookstores and Amazon) place.

What does this mean for you? Well, in modern terms it’s a little like a Kickstarter campaign. To ensure you receive your printed copy of the book,  you need to make a promise to your retailer — that you’ll buy the book when it arrives in shops in August. All you need to do is ask your retailer. If they can’t find it, let them know it’s listed under “Hermes Press” in the comics section of the catalog.

Now, you know we’d never ask you to buy a book sight unseen. To offset our request that you order early, we’ve made the entire first chapter (the first issue of the original comics series) available for FREE! You can get it right from our site here (as a DRM-FREE PDF) — or you can download it from ComiXology.

Read the first issue and check out the set-up. If you like what you read, please consider asking your local comic book store or bookstore to order you a copy.