Sparrow & Crowe — Complete series available digitally. Issue #1 is FREE!

Not a misleading headline. At long last, the entire digital series of Sparrow & Crowe is available on ComiXology. So, if you love to read comics on your computer or tablet, you can now read “The Demoniac of Los Angeles” in its entirety — as well as the Halloween anthology book.

But we’ve got even better news. In order to give you all a taste of what’s to come — we’ve made the first issue FREE. Not only is it free on ComiXology, we’ve also turned it into a DRM-Free PDF — available on this very site — in case you prefer your comics that way.

Download the PDF (right-click as ‘Save As’).

Tell all your friends about it. We’ve done this because we want to get everyone excited for the PRINT graphic novel, soon to be available for pre-order. We will need orders up front, whether they come from Amazon or your local comics retailer, but without you as our ambassadors and champions, retailers MAY not order enough copies, and the book may not go to print.