Interview & Preview of Sparrow & Crowe on

Dave Accampo and Jeremy Rogers

We’ve got several new pieces up at this week about Sparrow & Crowe, including a preview of new art and an informative interview about what to expect from the series.

In our first Preview piece, we share some art from the first issue, and Paul Montgomery interviews us about the series:

iF: Jared, what attracted you to these characters and their world? As a fan of the audio series, what aspects of Wormwood were you excited to explore visually?

Jared Souza: Probably the first thing that really grabbed me about Wormwood was the music, but of course that was only the first ten seconds or so. What I found next was vivid characterizations, excellent dialog, and a compelling plot and setting that brought me into a world that reminded me of the best work of David Lynch, though a bit less surreal and a bit more supernatural…

Read the full interview here.

Next up, Paul concludes the interview with some questions about the protagonists:

iFanboy: Who is Dr. Xander Crowe? What kind of doctor is he? 

David Accampo: Doctor Xander Crowe was once a renowned psychologist, the kind with a lot of letters after his name. He wrote a lot of bestsellers and maybe even did a failed talk show along the way. He was thought of as a person who understood the human mind better than anyone of his generation. And then he met a little girl possessed by an Evil that didn’t map at all to his understanding of the human psyche. Bad things happened. And it shattered Crowe. When we pick up our story, he’s a washed-up exorcist, scrapping together a living in Los Angeles performing seances and exorcisms.

Read the full interview here.