Sparrow & Crowe Halloween Special “Best of the Week in Covers”

The Sparrow & Crowe Halloween SpecialWe already knew it was a charming cover by Jared Souza, but apparently we aren’t alone! The Sparrow & Crowe Halloween Special has made the “Best of the Week in Covers” feature on!

Click the link to see Paul Montgomery’s write-up (and his full disclosure: he has a story in this volume).

A “Making Comics” conversation on the Latest Fuzzy Typewriter Podcast!

The Fuzzy Typewriter PodcastOn the latest episode of the Fuzzy Typewriter podcast, Dave Accampo and Paul Montgomery (host of Fuzzy Typewriter and former Wormwood staff writer) sit down and discuss The Sparrow & Crowe comic book, delving into the history of Wormwood and the creation of the characters of Doctor Xander Crowe and Sparrow by Dave and Jeremy Rogers, starting back in 2006.

Dave also talks about being approached by Jared Souza to adapt Wormwood, and then all the processes involved in creating a new story for comics and shopping it to publishers.

It’s an insightful conversation that gives a lot of insight into both the creative and production processes for the new series.

Download the podcast from iTunes, or stream in here.

Sparrow & Crowe on iFanboy

Paul Montgomery, friend and writer on Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery showed some wonderful support for our project on yesterday. Paul says:

This year, Dave, Jeremy and artist Jared Souza secured a deal with Hermes Press to produce a new storyline as a comic mini-series. I’m biased, but I love these characters and I love the prospects for “The Demoniac of Los Angeles.” I’ve already read the first issue and it’s a great concept terrifically executed.


Paul goes on to talk about David Accampo’s role in the iFanboy community and to ask for support. Check out Paul’s piece in full here.